How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Finally Get Things Done
(Even if you have ZERO time.)

We get it. You put out fires all day long--taking care of EVERYONE. So why is your list LONGER at the end of the day? And why is the mess growing? And why aren't you looking for vacation deals right now? :) It's because you're ready for a change. You're ready for LIFE to feel as relaxing as vacation. And this free workshop will show you how.

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Tue - Jan 17 @ 1 pm Pacific

Wed - Jan 18 @ 10 am Pacific

Thu - Jan 19 @ 10 am Pacific

Fri - Jan 20 @ 9 am Pacific

Sat - Jan 21 @ 12 pm Pacific

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April & Eric Perry



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We're Going To Show You...

  • A really easy way to find your focus--so even though you literally have 100 things to do, you can narrow your list and let your mind BREATHE.

  • The REAL reason you procrastinate and why it's not your fault--plus how you can change that with one new skill. (Netflix and ice cream can be the REWARD instead of the distraction!)

  • A to-do list hack you've probably never heard of that can replace the whole process of writing the same task over and over and over again. (So your lists will finally feel manageable.)

  • The step-by-step process to getting things done in the midst of a busy life, so you can make awesome progress on your home, work, and tasks while having way more energy for your family.

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