Welcome to STEP for Students!


Do you have teenagers/students (ages 12-24) who are struggling to keep track of papers and assignments, plan projects, organize school supplies, and feel less-stressed? This DIY program is the perfect solution!

What's inside the program?

I'm so glad you asked! Here are the modules you will receive: 

Module 1

  • Video: Learn to create time and make space
  • Video: Learn about the Command Central
  • Find your Command Central location
  • Video: Using 5-10 min. microbursts
  • Take before and after pictures
  • Clear out the "stuff" in your space

Module 2

  • Printables
    • STEP Flow Chart
    • Next Actions List
    • Current Projects List
    • Project Break-Down Worksheet
    • Routines and Responsibilities List
  • Physical and Digital Supplies Recommendations

Module 3 

  • Videos--How to Use the...
    • STEP Flow Chart
    • STEP Checklist
    • Current Projects List
    • Project Break-Down Worksheet
    • Next Actions List
  • Videos:
    • Examples of physical supplies and how to use them
    • Learn about a few of my favorite digital resources

Module 4

  • Videos:
    • Using a planner at school
    • Binder organization tips and tricks
    • Dejunking your binder/backpack
  • Use digital resources to preserve school memories
  • Create one space for school supplies

Bonus Module!

  • PDF: How to Make School Projects Easy
  • Videos:
    • Closet/Clothing Organization
    • Using Gmail and Google Drive
  • More resources to be added soon!

STEP for Students