How to Finally Stop Drowning in Piles and Clutter

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STEP for Students 

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At LearnDoBecome, we have an incredible program for adults called "Steps to Everyday Productivity" (STEP). STEP for Students builds on the same principles, but is taught kid-to-kid and provides solutions to help teenagers and children to have less stress in school, to keep track of assignments and projects, and to balance their extracurricular activities. 

Hi! I'm Alia. It's nice to meet you!

I'm the seventeen-year-old daughter of April and Eric Perry, founders of, and from a young age, I wanted to do well in school, but I was often overwhelmed. 

My goal is to teach tried and true organizational methods to students who would like to have more free time and get better results from their studies. 

The STEP for Students Program (coming soon!) includes the best tips and tricks that I have used and loved over the past ten years. 

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