Want to dive a bit deeper into what, exactly, a Command Central is?

Great question! :) Essentially, it’s a collection of places to park the details of your life--depending on when and where you need them. 

Most people think that they need "organizing supplies" or "a bigger house," but what they REALLY need is an organized mind that knows how to clearly make decisions.

Let's say that 57 new pieces of information come into your life today. They likely consist of emails, phone calls, texts, papers, ideas, verbal requests, etc.

If you’re like most people, you have so much going on that you can only process the most urgent things--and then everything else sits in a “pile,” waiting for a day to arrive when you’ll have more time and energy to deal with them

The problem is that even MORE information is going to come into your life tomorrow...

...and the next day...and the day after that. So the piles get bigger and bigger, and a bonfire in the driveway starts to sound quite appealing.

If you have thousands of emails, piles of papers, dozens of “to-do” lists, and a cluttered mind and/or home, you are totally normal, but you also are (most likely) pretty overwhelmed.

When you have an optimal Command Central (we call it a STEP Command Central), you have daily, weekly, and “as needed” resources that easily hold all the information that comes into your life. Nothing ever goes into “a pile” because your brain automatically knows where everything needs to go--and you’re not just tucking everything into a box or closet or filing cabinet. A STEP Command Central is ACTIVE--meaning it delivers all important information back to you, exactly when you will need it.

Imagine having a personal assistant to manage every project, piece of paper, task, idea, commitment, dream, goal, and digital message, who intuitively knows what’s most important to you, who protects your focus, and who gives you the gift of open brain space every day to help you actually enjoy your life and do your best work.

THAT is what my STEP Command Central is to me.

And we can't wait to show you how to make this happen in just four weeks!

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Here's just a sampling of photos from our students:

But we didn’t actually step into their homes or focus on the “stuff.” Instead, we taught them a comprehensive, but simple system that helped them to organize their minds, and then the spaces naturally followed.

Your life can definitely be beautiful--even if it's full of clutter and overwhelm. But we believe that everyone deserves a calm mind and a clear space, and if we can HELP you with that, it is our privilege to serve you.