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Here's what some of the previous members of Four Weeks to Finished had to say about their experiences!

We asked a few of our "Finishers" to share recent wins in their lives, and here's what they said:

Would you like a completely calm, organized mind in just four weeks–with a seamless system in place to KEEP it that way for good? 

Four Weeks to Finished is a one-of-a-kind group coaching program built on our Steps to Everyday Productivity program that will move you out of the overwhelm and into a life that feels doable, calm, and focused–even if you have a million things going on, a busy family, and “life” happening all around you.


We’re April and Eric Perry, the founders of, and over the past 10+ years, we have been teaching hundreds of thousands of friends around the globe how to create simple systems so they can get out of the overwhelm and do what matters most. 

Our STEP Command Central is the tool we use to actually DO that. It’s a system that helps you organize and process all the tasks, papers, digital files, messages, reminders, routines, projects, goals, and everything else swimming around in your brain right now–so it works together like a well-oiled machine–without stress or confusion or that constant voice in your head always reminding you what to do. With more than 50,000 people in our existing programs and testimonials from the STEP method flying in every single day, building a STEP Command Central on every desk is a huge part of our mission, and we can’t wait for YOU to experience the power (and relief!) as you build your own.


Up to this point, we have only offered “Do-It-Yourself” programs or a “Do-It-With-a-Community-and-Supplemental-

Coaching” program, and while they have been extremely successful, we’ve consistently received messages asking if we have more coaching available, more hand-holding, more accountability, and more access to us personally–for those who want to get their Command Centrals built quickly and want us virtually by their side.

This is the very first time we’ve opened a high-touch group coaching program, and we can’t wait to help you achieve that calm, organized life you’ve been craving.



If everything you’ve read above is lighting you up inside, that’s a pretty good indicator that this is for you, but here are a few bullet points to help you further assess that:

  • You are currently in some state of overwhelm. You rely on sticky notes, reminders on your phone, long lists that never get done, etc., and you feel like your brain can’t handle one more thing. Or you've started building a STEP Command Central, but you need a boost to get past the finish line.
  • Being “disorganized” isn’t an option anymore. There are people who rely on you (whether that’s your family, co-workers, employers, clients, and/or community members), and right now you either want to light all the “stuff” on fire–or you need to find a way to get your life working in a way that won’t drive you crazy.
  • Your life feels so full that “going through a program” seems overwhelming in itself. You need a real person telling you what to do, checking up on you, and answering your questions.
  • You’ve tried all kinds of planners, organizing tools, and tips online about “how to get organized,” but nothing seems to stick. You’re starting to think that maybe “overwhelm” is the new black. (But you’re secretly hoping you’re wrong because you can’t keep living like this.)

We could go on, but that’s the most basic description…. If your life feels calm, clean, and focused right now, you probably don’t need this–but you could join us anyway, if you just want to hang out! :)


When you join Four Weeks to Finished, you’ll get immediate access to the 8 modules of our Steps to Everyday Productivity program, which has been tried and tested by tens of thousands of people from around the globe. But we’re not going to stop there! As part of this special group, you’ll also receive the following:

  • Four unique coaching calls (and access to the replays!), where we’ll walk you through exactly what needs to be done, give you the chance to ask any questions, and make sure you are 100% clear on your assignments for the week.
  • A private Facebook group–JUST for those starting the group coaching. (This dated group will stay active for 6 weeks, and you’ll then be able to join the lifetime STEP Mastery Facebook group.)
  • Daily (M-F) coaching inside the Facebook group. Five coaches will be there for you–bringing clarity, support, and total focus. If you are willing to ask good questions, you will be amazed at how quickly and thoroughly they’ll be answered. :)
  • Email and text support. If you feel stuck at any point, we’ll be standing by to help!
  • BONUSES! (You'll receive all bonuses currently inside the Mastery program, added bonuses that YOU will help us create, and special surprises along the way!)

We can't wait to see you inside!!

Here are some more experiences from our Four Weeks to Finished members!

"I've been fortunate to participate in many transformational personal and professional development programs. Four Weeks to Finished is one of the most impactful ones l I have ever experienced. Because I learn best interactively and in community, the live classes and coaching absolutely supported my success in implementing my Command Central. I'm so grateful and excited to be part of the LearnDoBecome community!" Susanne

"Loved this program! It’s changed my life! I was stressed trying to keep up with the details of life, now I have a system to handle life and feel more focussed, and calm. I can prioritize better even if life throws me challenges.
I went from being overwhelmed by paperwork and emails to clearing my physical inbox for the first time and to managing emails without overwhelm.
If you want the fastest way to get to an organized life, do this Four Weeks to Finished program. They have an amazing team of coaches who will coach you along step by step. And you learn from others in the program as well. All the while making it a fun learning experience.
If you are on the fence, think how much disorganization has cost you in late fees and emotion. It may seem pricey but it is totally worth investing in yourself for life.
I had read the Getting Things Done book and started STEP but didn’t finish. But with this program’s structure and coaching I finished the program and have a more organized mind and life.
Invest in yourself! Do it! You will not regret it." Roselyne

"It is a fabulous program to help you get organized and stay organized in the long term. It requires a little effort to set it up and get it into a smooth system but it is worth the effort. It’s an ongoing program that helps for life. I’m thankful I spent the time learning it. I do think another time through it would be helpful to me too." Myra

"It’s worth the investment or time and money, but do it when you can commit. And let go of your fear that it will work! (I’m still working on this!) And baby steps… Celebrate the wins." Jane

"Sometimes the best way to move through something is to simply start. The Four Weeks to Finished program assisted me in getting past my perfectionism so that I could move forward and start implementing the great ideas and proven methods into my life. It was like a week at a time microburst that my brain was able to digest easily. Truly a "yummy" experience!" Julie

"A very user-friendly way to get organized and incorporate David Allen's principals." Marlyn

"If you are stuck and about to give up on ever being organized 4W2F is for you. So many of us who have done it were in many differing states of chaos and disarray. We came together and found mutual support and awesome instruction to bring ourselves out of said chaos and disarray and the associated feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. April calls it the OVERWHELM. You will be amazed how implementing this system enables you to filter all that stuff that used to pile up. It is transforming." Anonymous

"It is amazing to me how some simple tools and concepts can make such a difference in my productivity." Andrea

"Take or make the time for this. Building routines that enable you to capture what needs to be done while relieving yourself from having to remember everything is priceless." Melanie

Want to dive a bit deeper into what, exactly, a Command Central is?

Great question! :) Essentially, it’s a collection of places to park the details of your life--depending on when and where you need them. 

Most people think that they need "organizing supplies" or "a bigger house," but what they REALLY need is an organized mind that knows how to clearly make decisions.

Let's say that 57 new pieces of information come into your life today. They likely consist of emails, phone calls, texts, papers, ideas, verbal requests, etc.

If you’re like most people, you have so much going on that you can only process the most urgent things--and then everything else sits in a “pile,” waiting for a day to arrive when you’ll have more time and energy to deal with them

The problem is that even MORE information is going to come into your life tomorrow...

...and the next day...and the day after that. So the piles get bigger and bigger, and a bonfire in the driveway starts to sound quite appealing.

If you have thousands of emails, piles of papers, dozens of “to-do” lists, and a cluttered mind and/or home, you are totally normal, but you also are (most likely) pretty overwhelmed.

When you have an optimal Command Central (we call it a STEP Command Central), you have daily, weekly, and “as needed” resources that easily hold all the information that comes into your life. Nothing ever goes into “a pile” because your brain automatically knows where everything needs to go--and you’re not just tucking everything into a box or closet or filing cabinet. A STEP Command Central is ACTIVE--meaning it delivers all important information back to you, exactly when you will need it.

Imagine having a personal assistant to manage every project, piece of paper, task, idea, commitment, dream, goal, and digital message, who intuitively knows what’s most important to you, who protects your focus, and who gives you the gift of open brain space every day to help you actually enjoy your life and do your best work.

THAT is what my STEP Command Central is to me.

And we can't wait to show you how to make this happen in just four weeks!

Here's just a sampling of photos from our students:

But we didn’t actually step into their homes or focus on the “stuff.” Instead, we taught them a comprehensive, but simple system that helped them to organize their minds, and then the spaces naturally followed.

Your life can definitely be beautiful--even if it's full of clutter and overwhelm. But we believe that everyone deserves a calm mind and a clear space, and if we can HELP you with that, it is our privilege to serve you.

Is this really for me?

We definitely want to be clear on who will help the most.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

→ Do you need to be more consistent in getting the most important projects and tasks done--at work and/or at home?

→ Do your responsibilities currently feel heavy or depleting because you feel like you never have time to get them done?

→ Do you live in a rapidly-paced, interruption-rich environment, and you feel like your time is too limited to actually accomplish your goals?

→ Do you spend too much time procrastinating and/or looking for things?

→ Are you tired of sifting through piles of stuff?

→ Do you know there’s untapped potential inside you, but you’re too overwhelmed to even think about that potential?

→ Are you ready to get out of the overwhelm for good? 

Now, if you’ll notice, those questions aren’t about your age, your profession, your family size, or your level of organization/disorganization. We have a variety of community members, and it’s amazing to see how the STEP Command Central can adapt so beautifully to their unique needs.

However, this program is not for everyone. If you are “fine” living the way you’re living, if you have no intention of carving out an hour for this training, or if you secretly want to stay overwhelmed because it’s protecting you from stepping into a bigger (perhaps scarier) purpose, we recommend you hold off on joining. But if you’re thinking, “Ahh, I know this is a step in the right direction, and I am committed to building my Command Central in an Hour,” then I promise we will take care of you.

Thanks for your interest in Four Weeks to Finished! You can sign up for our interest list below, and we will let you know how to join for our next session. We can't wait to have you with us!