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Here's what some of the previous members of Four Weeks to Finished had to say about their experiences!

Here are some more experiences from our Four Weeks to Finished members!

"It is a fabulous program to help you get organized and stay organized in the long term. It requires a little effort to set it up and get it into a smooth system but it is worth the effort. It’s an ongoing program that helps for life. I’m thankful I spent the time learning it. I do think another time through it would be helpful to me too." Myra

"It’s worth the investment or time and money, but do it when you can commit. And let go of your fear that it will work! (I’m still working on this!) And baby steps… Celebrate the wins." Jane

"Sometimes the best way to move through something is to simply start. The Four Weeks to Finished program assisted me in getting past my perfectionism so that I could move forward and start implementing the great ideas and proven methods into my life. It was like a week at a time microburst that my brain was able to digest easily. Truly a "yummy" experience!" Julie

"A very user-friendly way to get organized and incorporate David Allen's principals." Marlyn

"If you are stuck and about to give up on ever being organized 4W2F is for you. So many of us who have done it were in many differing states of chaos and disarray. We came together and found mutual support and awesome instruction to bring ourselves out of said chaos and disarray and the associated feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. April calls it the OVERWHELM. You will be amazed how implementing this system enables you to filter all that stuff that used to pile up. It is transforming." Anonymous

"It is amazing to me how some simple tools and concepts can make such a difference in my productivity." Andrea

"Take or make the time for this. Building routines that enable you to capture what needs to be done while relieving yourself from having to remember everything is priceless." Melanie

Is this really for me?

We definitely want to be clear on who will help the most.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

→ Do you need to be more consistent in getting the most important projects and tasks done--at work and/or at home?

→ Do your responsibilities currently feel heavy or depleting because you feel like you never have time to get them done?

→ Do you live in a rapidly-paced, interruption-rich environment, and you feel like your time is too limited to actually accomplish your goals?

→ Do you spend too much time procrastinating and/or looking for things?

→ Are you tired of sifting through piles of stuff?

→ Do you know there’s untapped potential inside you, but you’re too overwhelmed to even think about that potential?

→ Are you ready to get out of the overwhelm for good? 

We are committed to helping you wake up excited and go to bed content--living a life that feels happy, healthy, calm, and organized as you do what matters most.

Can't wait to see you inside Four Weeks to Finished!

"If you have been a long time STEP member, but never forced yourself to go thru the self-paced program, go thru 4W2F! If you commit to the month, you'll gain so much insight and realize that you are not alone in the struggle. I think it makes a difference "seeing" people live explaining their needs versus just reading about it in a post. I related better to seeing them live; I resonated with so many. I am still in slight overwhelm but have noticed the difference that a few small changes have made. I now use project folders versus stacks of project papers and can easily get to a paper if a call comes in or I'm ready to switch to a different project during the day. I have also been consistent using my (paper) calendar. That is huge for me. I used to write appointments, meetings, etc. on sticky notes or scraps of paper and never got them transferred to my calendar." Tamara

"I signed up for STEP Mastery July 2021. I got stuck on the routines list for quite a while and then got stuck on the mindsweep. It amazes me how this "Four Weeks to Finished" program in a week's time has already helped me get over those hurdles that kept me from finishing the STEP program. I don't have a lot of free time so the accountability and breaking the steps down into weekly homework assignments has helped tremendously. Thank you for all your encouragement and I am looking forward to reaching the finish line soon." Jill