Welcome to the 25,000 STEP Command Central Challenge!

We have reached a HUGE goal! Twenty-five thousand members of the LearnDoBecome community now have some version of our STEP (Steps to Everyday Productivity) program

Ongoing support is inside our STEP Mastery Facebook community, but Club STEP is where you can go to get incredible prizes, once you've built your STEP Command Central. 🙂

What is a STEP Command Central?

STEP is our signature program, where we teach you how to build and use a STEP Command Central, a seamless system that holds your ideas, papers, thoughts, goals, tasks, and all your stuff in a way that works with your brain. You never have to think about those items until it is time to work on a task. And then at that point, you can find anything you need within 30 seconds.

How do I know I have an optimal Command Central in place?

  • All the parts of my Command Central are in place (check the diagram!)
  • I have a Weekly Review in place
  • I know how to process the things that come into my life.

How Can I Learn More?

We'd love to have you join our free class. We teach you four simple steps that you can apply today to help you eliminate piles and gain mental clarity. This is a great way to start, if you're interested in building a STEP Command Central!

Sign Up Here!

Does the idea of building a STEP Command Central sound daunting? Come watch this 15-min video to learn how you can make yours today, using materials you can find around your house!

You can also learn more about the "why" behind the STEP Command Central by listening to our recent podcast, A STEP Command Central on Every Desk-and What That Means for YOU. The show notes also include a link to a post where I share all the resources I use for my STEP Command Central.

I've built my Command Central!

Great work! Click here to report back and join Club STEP so you can:

  • Get access to a free STEP Starter to gift to a friend.
  • Get access to our class, The Simplest STEP Maintenance Mode, to get practical tips and tricks for keeping things going, even when “life” gets in the way.
  • Add your image to our STEP 25K Command Central gallery to inspire others!
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