Would you like to be in the driver seat of your life—with goals that give you peace and structure, but zero chance of failing?

Welcome to "Create Your Year" — a set of four worksheets from April and Eric at LearnDoBecome (totally free for a limited time) discussing the creation of our year, months, weeks, and days!

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I (April) have been seriously "goal-setting" every year for 30+ years, and it's generally served me well. However, I often found myself feeling constricted by my goals. They move forward when I have control of my time and energy, but what if I get sick? What if my family needs extra care? What if I decide three months in that I don't even like my goals? 🙂

Conscientious, family-centered individuals are often the most diligent of goal-setters. But they're also the caregivers of the world (parenting, helping aging parents, volunteering, etc.) who often need to adjust their schedules and plans to accommodate "life."

But what if there were a way to satisfy our brains—so we knew we had a plan in place to help us progress, but it was so full of grace that we couldn't possibly fail?

That's what we're providing with "Create Your Year." You'll receive free, immediate access to a simple template that will help you map out a flexible vision for the coming year, as well as printable resources for creating each month, week, and day (along the way)!

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