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I am busy and active enough, but have lately felt an overwhelming amount of things in my brain and in my day. I find myself running crazy every day without actually feeling accomplished.... I feel a huge amount of relief in just anticipating all the organization that is to come. Even just the mind sweeping step and brain decluttering was so therapeutic. As I read, I realized how much I really do think about and how much I really take on. This helped me see how valuable it is for me to store some away safely while taking advantage of the time that I have NOW with my family. After I put my life and family's life in order, I will tackle the apartment managing chaos and implement this system here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Danielle

Before and After Photos

"We are finishing up the STEP program together and it’s GOING GREAT!! First time in my life of truly getting ‘fully’ organized and having my hubby on board. Processing the journey together is so awesome–truly eye-opening. It’s been a joy to watch it all evolve and see God’s hand in all of it as well!"

Lisa and Pete 

"The STEP Program is giving me the tools for which I have been looking to bring peace into my heart and home. In the few weeks that I have been intentionally implementing these principles, I have been more present with my husband and daughters, more clear-minded in my decision making, and more effective in accomplishing my tasks and goals."

Jenni M.

"OMG!!! I'm in Module 6 I am feeling like a freaking productivity ROCKSTAR!!!! Granted I just started the module, but this is clearly where the magic happens!!! I'm still making tweaks and adding to my system (just added homeschool folders for each subject and it has helped tremendously) but I am soooooo glad that I made this investment because I finally feel like I'm getting organized (and I'm not constantly thinking ab out what I'm forgetting)."


"The STEP program has changed our lives in so many ways and only for the better. It’s been great to see how both our strengths are brought together to help us better communicate, work as a team, and ultimately accomplish our individual and family goals."

Scott and Abigail

"I am in a totally different place now than I have been in my life–EVER! So much more peaceful, so much more organized. Just as you promised, I was finally able to start doing the habits and routines I had come up with again and again, but just never had the system to support:

  • My bed gets made every day.
  • I do a load of laundry and dishes every day.
  • My husband has a peaceful, organized office to work from home in because it’s no longer the junk and clutter stockpile it once was.
  • I have decluttered and organized our home one area at a time.
  • I have taken a parenting course I’d been wanted to do and have seen amazing results as a mom.
  • I was able to be a faithful and consistent homeschool mom.

And it's all thanks to that one little webinar and its cascade of effects in my life this past year. So with heartfelt sincerity and utmost enthusiasm, thank you!"


Aisling's Story of how getting started in STEP has changed her family life:

"I have been a member for less than a week and my life has already changed dramatically.... I haven't rushed through homework or been stressed like when I used to look at my former wish list. I look at my most important actions list now. Because of STEP when my son forgot to get his soccer socks ready for tryouts, instead of me feeling the pressure of adding one more thing to my "wish list" I said no problem. He looked happy, surprised, and relieved because usually I am 'too busy but do it anyway' but today we both hugged with NO pressure and it was great.... I know that I'm just starting and have a long way to go. But I just wanted everyone to know I'm new and I am thankful."


"Saying you changed my life sounds overdramatic doesn't it... But you did. I have been married for 15 years and my husband and I love each other very much. But I am a hoarder. Have been as long as I can remember. It has been a strain on our marriage even though I knew I needed to do something.... Nothing helped me, not therapy or more money or more family support. I had given up on my husband ever being able to invite his family over without being embarrassed... I don't know exactly why your STEP Program helped me change the way I see things. The biggest change has been my relationship with my husband. As I am overcoming my "hoarding tendencies" I feel more equal, like I'm finally becoming more of a helper and partner, instead of a hindrance or embarrassment. There is less stress in the house, and I feel closer to my husband and son... In a thousand small ways you will never know, you made me a better person, and it all started when you told me my first homework assignment was to clear off a space. I felt I could trust you, so I did."

Lori N.

"This system has been life changing for me! I was so ready for something like this. I signed up, jumped right in and everything from paperwork, to my kitchen, to my garage have all "magically" become more organized. I have been pile free for 3 weeks now. Hey, it's a start!"

Eleni T.

"I am working to my plan and blissfully happy with an empty Inbox. My accountant asked me the other day 'What happened to the old Helen?' since my tax information was prepared and sent to him months before it is typically done! People are noticing and I am getting things done. Thanks for the follow up.. I am good - No, scratch that - I am great!"


"Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much this program has changed my life. I have so much more time now and tons more room in my head. I don't know how I functioned before, seriously!! I can actually focus on my kids and have actual quality time with them. I'm even getting things done that I've put off forever because I was "too busy." I want to shout it from the rooftops."


"I stumbled upon the free webinar on Facebook, and immediately loved what I was learning. So I decided to do your e-course, and it has already improved my life immensely! I feel so happy, satisfied, peaceful, and excited about life now that my thoughts are more in order. I have more fun with my kids, and I enjoy almost every ask I do. Before this I was drowning in ideas and my brain was working overtime. But you already understand. Now my house isn't perfect (I've only been using the system for a couple of weeks), but my mind feels amazing! And I have hope of getting where I want to be. So, thank you! I love what you are doing. To be honest, I have wanted something like this for years. And I feel so grateful that I stumbled onto it, and that it's making a different for me and my family!"


"Every winter break I think I’ve been subconsciously running away from home by overworking in my classroom when I should be enjoying home, hubby n’ sons. This winter break was different! I actually put myself and home first this time and WHOA! I feel so much lighter, clearer, driven, FREE, and motivated to stay organized in both places. Thanks for sharing the common struggles and life changing ideas!!"


"Before going through the Emails to Zero Process at LearnDoBecome, I had several hundred emails that required my attention and felt overwhelmed with my email inbox. I had a fairly good system in place to manage my client work, personal emails, etc., but rarely–if ever–saw Inbox Zero, and to be honest, I was a little skeptical that this would change things that dramatically.  I invested some time making careful decisions on the messages in my inbox and went through the steps outlined, and I’m happy to report I’m made it to Inbox zero and stayed that way for a week now. (At least I hit zero every day or two). I haven’t seen that in all my inboxes in years. I definitely recommend this process to anyone wanting less stress managing the inbox!"


"Since I first started using email, I have NEVER had my Inbox at ZERO!! It feels AMAZING!! Thank you April & Eric!!"

Jodi K.

"After 4 weeks of getting (and finally KEEPING) my emails to zero and many, MANY micro-bursts, my desk is clear and my Command Central has now been built! Thank you April and Eric for teaching me how to "make" time and "create" space in my life! I look forward to future successes."


"The examples! Any system can give you diagrams but if I can't understand how that would work in the real world then it's difficult to implement. I love the pictures and examples that bring the whole concept together for me.... It is life-changing and amazing! STEP walks you through the setup of your system in small bite-size chunks with plenty of examples and support.... I have been able to completely organize my physical mail, declutter my desk, and get to inbox zero on my work email! Even though I might have been able to do those without STEP, the difference with STEP is that because there is a system in place, I won't have to worry about getting so disorganized or cluttered again!"

Lori C.

Even More!

"My goal: to be more productive, to easily locate wheat I need, and to know the status of all my projects--but I could never figure out how to customize a system to fit my needs. The STEP Program was different! It walked me through the process, STEP by STEP, and I was able to create a system that works perfectly for ME!

Joan M.

"After all the training that I have been through (AND I have been through them all), this one really is the best. Once you dig in, you'll notice how easy the material is to understand and consumer. And once you finish it, you'll be exactly where you wan to be, and you'll realize why you signed up for the course in the first place. I can guarantee that if you actually go through the modules and do the tasks and COME TO US ALL when you have an issue, you will never feel any regret!"

Samantha L.

"Understanding how to make multiple project lists and a single next actions list helped me clear my mind and then, prioritize. Previously, I’d put everything on a single, intimidating list...and it was so depressing that I stopped looking at it!

Learning how to create a context-based “Next Actions” list was empowering. It’s full of things I CAN DO! And, I can do them some of them here and now, wherever and whenever that is.

I definitely have more control over my life and I feel better about myself because I’m getting things done…not dropping the ball so much.

Thank you for believing in me even though you don’t know me!"


"April and Eric make learning the system and setting it up compelling, manageable and fun. Having a community of people working towards the same goals gives me motivation to keep using the system, a place to ask questions, and the chance to see how others are personalizing the steps. April and Eric, thank you for creating this program and community!"


"I just opened up my day planner and for the first time my brian felt at peace, I don't know any other way to describe it but now that I am streamlining everything it just feels so much better."


“I can't tell you what a God send you and your website are, literally... you have your fingers on the pulse!!! Oh. My. Goodness. Your philosophy and tools speak to my mind and heart so exactly... Bless you all and a huge smooth from Australia."


I can honestly say that in less than a week I feel SO much more organized and on top of things. I have gotten several small things done that I've been thinking about (and forgetting about) for months. I don't have stacks of papers everywhere, I know where things are, and I know what has to be done and when. It is a brilliant system!


"I just finished the whole online course STEP system a couple weeks ago, and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I am absolutely stoked about this system. I actually finished my very functional to do list this week! What a RELIEF! You are brining HOPE with what you do! Thank you for creating such a system to help people like me become good stewards of this life we've been entrusted."

Nerissa Crowe

"I saw an excellent opportunity to finally learn how to get myself organized in all aspects of my life, through a couple with amazing energy, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Life-changer! Worth every penny! Highly recommend."

Michael Hartman

"I have been stuck for years, hiding behind my A.D.D. and having an “I can’t do it” attitude for any one of a number of reasons (excuses). The last six months have been the hardest of my life… losing my mother, handling her estate on my own (cleaning out and selling a 5000 sq ft house) all while working full time and raising two small children. Your Webinar hit my Facebook feed just as the dust settled. And it spoke right to me…Fear was not an option in that moment though it had been a common theme in the past. If I was going to be the best me…the best mother… the best wife I could be, then I needed to lasso the burdens of my life and reel them into submission. And a command center was born… the landing spot whose place was taken has remained clean and free of clutter and I started to be able to breathe again…And the icing on the cake was when I placed my last rogue piece of paper into my new Freedom Filing system just today…I literally feel a huge weight off my shoulders. "

Lisa S.

"I just finished Step 3 of Module 1 in the STEP Mastery program and I'm in tears because this hits to the very center of my soul. I'm so excited to keep going, and make lasting progress a bit at a time."

Jessika Speer

"In 48 hours I very well may have learned more than in my 45 years. And it seems like it's the tip of the iceberg. I feel like my shoulders dropped, I can breathe more deeply, and all of my impossibilities seem possible, Achievable. I feel truly certain I can do this, compared to trying to convince myself I may be able to. Those are two completely different beasts. I realize that now. Thanks. I guess I am a bit excited!"

Janet B.

"April - your podcast and webinar has literally CHANGED my life! I literally went through piles months and months in the making in only a couple of hours - because now I have a system. Now I know what to do with all the stuff we are bombarded with and have been able to keep my command center organized and this clutter-free organization has naturally spread throughout the rest of the home - now that the hub is organized the rest of the house naturally stays clutter-free! And ASANA!!! Don't even get me started on that gem! Your processes, the command center concept and Asana have helped soooooo much - I have so many goals/plans - I see daylight now - I have hope - I'm excited now about getting those goals done - you've been so instrumental!"


“I feel so freed! What a relief and a blessing. Thank you so much for your wonderful program."


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  • Lifetime Access to 8 Assignments with Complete Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Supplemental Video and Audio Trainings with Transcripts
  • Simple, Powerful Checklists, and Photos
  • All-Access License for Spouse
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Additional Supportive Coaching Emails
  • 3 Live Q&A Events with the STEP Team (or get 6 by joining with 1 payment)
  • Monthly check-ins