Discover the family-friendly solution for lasting routines that everyone will love--and won't leave you feeling cranky. 😉

(Seriously, you'll be amazed at how peaceful and calm your home will feel!)

These are the awesome resources we're pretty sure will change your life:

Real-Life Examples from Alia and Josh

Get access to more than a dozen routines, charts, and worksheet ideas that can be customized for your family.

Step-by-Step "No Fighting" Talking Points

Introduce these new ideas for starting family routines with language that inspires buy-in and cooperation.

Smooth Mornings and After School "Reset" Tutorials

If getting ready for school (and cleaning up afterwards) was an Olympic sport, this would be the training manual!

Secrets for Building Family Connections while Organizing

"Organizing" might bring up memories of pushback, but we'll share about some small changes that will help you create unbreakable family bonds.

The School Year Wrap-Up System to End the Year Right

Learn how to celebrate your students and appreciate their hard work at school--without keeping every paper, worksheet, or art project!

6-Part Audio Series with Josh and Alia

We'll become your best organizing friends as we share stories, encouragement, and quick ways for you to get results.

A Quick Introduction:

Hi! We're Alia and Josh Clawson, and the two of us are passionate about teaching families how to establish long-lasting routines without stress, whining, or contention.

You might be wondering, "Why should I be listening to these young kids about routines?" (And we get it!)

While we might just be starting out, due to our unique upbringings, we've had years of experience figuring out routines that work in all areas of our lives: going through school, as college graduates, in our first few years of marriage, and now as parents!

I (Alia) started working for my parents, April and Eric Perry, who teach organization and productivity at back when I was 15.

Over the years, I moved into coaching and have worked with tens of thousands of LearnDoBecome community members, often sharing our specific family techniques and practices (from firsthand experience) and teaching others to implement them successfully!

I've LOVED helping other families reduce their stress and get results!

Combining what Josh learned as the oldest of five children and as an on-top-of-it medical student, we've spent a *ridiculous* amount of time figuring out you don't have to!

TOTAL VALUE = $1,000+

(What would it be worth to actually have calm, organized routines for you and your family?)

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2 Exclusive Printables for Your Kids

Even small children will be able to create a special routines list that can be displayed and used each day!

A Bedtime Chart That Will Make Evenings Calm and Happy

Say goodbye to bedtime struggles with this interactive chart (with instructions how to use it)! You'll be able to collaborate and find a bedtime that leaves everyone feeling content. :)

A Curated List of Our Related Podcasts and Videos

We've saved you hours of searching online, and additional resources to strengthen your home and family are right at your fingertips!

Our Guarantee:
If you don't see your stress around routines totally disappear after implementing these ideas and adapting them to meet your family's needs, we'll give you ALL your money back!

Just send us a message within 60 days.

It's totally risk-free to join today! 🎉


Why This Matters

If you're reading this, we're guessing that you have a lot on your plate and you're feeling pretty tired of being the "routine reminder" in your household.

You're not sure if you can continue (day in and day out) checking in on every school, household, or sport-related routine that your children have in their lives.

And we get it! We've been the children on the receiving end of these kinds of reminders:

"Have you packed your school gym clothes that we washed over the weekend? You need to make sure and pack your school bag every Sunday night."

"Did you practice your piano piece yet today? Your recital is coming up and daily practice is so important!"

"We're in charge of snacks each Wednesday for soccer practice. Have you thought about what you want to bring and when we will prepare them?"

Sound familiar?

Once our families put some solid systems in place, the amount of forgetting about our responsibilities and leaving our parents to shoulder the kids' routines totally decreased.

Sure, we weren't perfect, but we became so much more responsible, and these practices have carried with us into adulthood. Our parents don't need to remind us about finishing college assignments, paying our rent, following up on school and job opportunities, or going grocery shopping each week. We've got it covered!

Here's how you know this program is for you:

  • You wake up each morning feeling stressed--hoping everyone will get where they need to go and that no one will forget about their daily responsibilities at school and home.
  • You're the one cleaning up messes all day...even though you're pretty sure one of your kids was assigned to clean up after the dog and another was supposed to tidy up the bathroom.
  • You have images in your mind of everyone getting along and the house running smoothly, but those are interrupted by complaints and frustrations.
  • You're trying so hard to be positive and create a welcoming home environment, but it feels like no one is appreciating your efforts.
  • You end up with so much extra "stuff" that is brought into the house, and it feels like there's a mountain of things to manage.

Obviously there's no pressure to buy this, but here's what we've noticed:

Most people end up talking with friends, searching online for articles/videos, or texting loved ones for advice, but never really find the "solution."

And even if you do find a few good ideas, most people's excitement fizzles out when their exciting new idea or family routine doesn't "stick."

Believe it or not, I (Alia) haven't known anything other than a calm household with solid routines to keep us all moving forward. (It's because my mom grew up with a lot of chaos and she couldn't handle it any more once we came along. 😉)

My parents created simple systems to manage all the details of life from the very start of our family, and I couldn't be more grateful for their guidance and commitment to routines.

I might have rolled my eyes a couple times when they introduced another routine chart to our kitchen wall, but each chart and new family routine was created to combat sibling fighting or the frequent forgetfulness around chores.

And they 100% worked!

Our family was not (and is not) perfect by any means. But each new routine helped us build family unity, contribute to the household, and take responsibility for our hobbies and things we had signed up for (sports, classes, etc.).

Many of our friends growing up didn't have this same level of "calm" in their lives.

Their parents were constantly bringing forgotten homework assignments or items to the school.

Their parents were frustrated with them (or their siblings) and yelling at home was common.

These friends complained about their parents being uptight or grumpy all the time.

But you see where they were coming from, right?

Ultimately, every family is at a different starting point, and that is completely understandable.

But we're here to add a few things to your "routines toolbox" and give you practical ideas that can be shaped to meet the exact needs of your family.

We would love to help you get started, and we promise that the resources we've put together will totally transform your home and family life forever. ❤️

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