Create your bedroom map.

It's important to have a vision of your room before you start sorting and moving stuff around. Ask yourself... Do I need to get rid of or buy any furniture? Do I need to change the layout of my room?

Using the printable below, draw an eagle-eye map of your room! Label each area with a list of the items you keep there (Ex. Cubbies --> Toys, Shelves --> Books).

Click HERE or on either image below for the "Bedroom Map" printable!


Divide your map into small sections.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when starting to clean a large area. Where do you start? STEP 2 is breaking down the room into small sections.

What's a small section? This should be an area that you can completely declutter in 30 minutes or less. A closet may be broken into 3-5 sections, while a nightstand only needs 1.

You can look at my example from STEP 1 on how I divided my areas.


Use the 4-Spot Sorting Method on each section.

Create 4 distinct spots and label them with the following categories:

Use this sorting process, one section at a time!


Set up your bedroom cleaning routines.

Now that you have a clean room, you'll want to keep it that way! Setting up a routines list is a great way to accomplish this.

Every age group has different routines. They can be picking up toys, laundry, making your bed, etc. You can hang this routines list on your wall.

Click HERE or on either image for the "Clean Bedroom Routines" printable!

Want to submit photos of your clean room? Send them to [email protected]!