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SANE is an acronym (Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency) that helps us remember which foods are best when it comes to living long, healthy lives.

(We'll share all the details in your kit, but that's the quick explanation...)

Essentially, if you (and/or your children) have felt frustrated when it comes to making healthy food choices,  counting your calories all the time, or wondering why you're not getting results you can see and feel, it's time to make simple improvements that will yield lasting results for the whole family.

We (Alia and April Perry) have had first-hand experience with this--having completely changed our bodies (and our lives) over the course of a few months.

And Jonathan Bailor, New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Calorie Myth, has joined with us to create this official SANE Family Start-Up Kit because we ALL want you to experience this same powerful transformation.

We have learned so much from Jonathan.  We trust him...and we want you to trust him.  The three of us are excited to be your guides along this journey.

Your $7 SANE Family Start-Up Kit features the following:


Simple start-up resources from

- Your fast-results SANE Cheat Sheet
 - The SANE 6-Step Blueprint
 - A 12-page guide to "Food Groups, Lists, & Serving Sizes"
 - An outstanding 23-page eBook, "Eat More. Lose More: How to Lose 30-50 lbs Eating MORE and Exercising Less"

BONUS: Six professionally-recorded videos which bust the most common weight loss myths and provide simple solutions.



Family-specific information provided to support all things SANE:

This section features the following three exclusive audio recordings with Jonathan, Alia, and April (and written transcripts!):

 - "How to Make Time for SANE"
 - "Top 10 Logistical Tips--Especially for Teens"
 - "Top 10 Emotional Hurdles to Overcome--Especially for

BONUS Video: Alia's high school book report on The Calorie Myth.



A $7 DISCOUNT on our full SANE Families program

This is the resource we wish our own families had known about years ago, and we can't wait to share it.  If you discover that this is the solution you've been looking for (which we're confident will be the case), your initial $7 payment for the SANE Family Start-Up kit will be applied toward the full program. And we always offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is zero risk!


Start Today!

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