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We (April and Alia) struggled with our weight and body image for years. After trying numerous diets, work-out videos, and suggestions from health professionals, we felt ready to give up and simply "stop trying."
However, after reading The Calorie Myth and consistently applying the scientifically-proven methods suggested by Jonathan Bailor, we finally saw results.  Now we've joined with Jonathan and created a step-by-step program to help YOU do the same.
This isn't a temporary fix or a 21-day anything. This is about changing the way you plan your menu, buy your groceries, and prepare your meals (without ever having to feel hungry again).
Sound too good to be true? We thought so, too, but the fact is that this works.


Based on Jonathan's 10+ years of research and combined with April and Alia's practical ideas for applying this to a busy family life, the SANE Families Program includes six modules featuring videos, audio downloads, worksheets, printables, and all the start-up information you'll need to get your family excited about going SANE.

If you're already a member of, this program will show you exactly how to apply the principles you've learned to a family setting. And if you're brand new to SANE, we'll help you get started--and show you how to bring your family WITH you! 

(The SANE Families program is complementary to Jonathan's book and the Premium plan at No additional purchases are required to get the benefits from this program, but if and when you are ready to check out the incredible resources Jonathan has created at community support group, a huge library of recipes, and all the science and information behind SANE--you'll find that these two programs go perfectly together.)

Below is a quick overview of what you'll receive in the program (illustrations by Alia).

And if you'd like to SEE inside the program, click here for a brief video tour!

We know that making a decision like this is a big deal. You've probably been let down so many times that you're hesitant to try something new.  (We get it.)

That's why we're giving you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can go through the whole program, listen to the audios, watch the videos, and see the vision for how you will actually get results this time.

Because this isn't a "quick fix," the physical transformation isn't going to happen overnight. We (April and Alia) felt stronger, healthier, and happier right away, but it took us 3-6 months to reach our physical goals. The point, however, is that the results last.

If you want to save money, save time, reduce your stress, and go through this new adventure with friends by your side, we invite you to take advantage of our thousands of hours of combined experience--now available in a simple, doable format just for families.

Benefit to Joining Now?

We have been busy behind the scenes creating dozens of videos, audios, and instructions--all delivered in a simple, step-by-step format. By joining now, you'll receive the full program materials--PLUS our bonus package featuring the following videos:

(1) Secrets to Successful Green Smoothies
(2) How to Go Camping...SANEly
(3) SANE Day Tripping (Including Disneyland!)
(4) The SANE Love Language (Show Love Without Cookies!)
(5) How to Throw a SANE Wedding
(6) Happy SANE Birthdays
(7) After-School Snacks Your Kids Will Love
(8) SANE Sports Treats and Pizza Parties

YOU Get to Influence the Program

The SANE Families program is already a top-notch resource, but we're not stopping there. Because we're so serious about helping your family to become SANE, we've included a special "Suggestion Box" link within every module. We're listening, and we're committed to making this program work for you.

The Biggest Challenge You Most Likely Face is Knowing Whose Voice to Trust

We (April and Alia) looked everywhere for solutions to our health and weight loss issues. It seemed like everyone had a different story, a new "magic fix," or a more creative way to help us starve ourselves.

Not only has Jonathan been featured by an amazing portfolio of media outlets (including those pictured here) but we've seen his science-backed, logical, common-sense advice work in our lives.

We've put this program together because we care about you, and we want you to know you can breathe now. We'll take care of you.

If you feel excited that this might be what you've been looking for, please join us.