Are you ready to live a life of SERENITY?

Do you want a home and office that feels calm, organized, and peaceful--so you can do your best work and get things DONE--without any details slipping through the cracks?

We're here to make that possible.

Whether it's a pile of stuff on your desk, mounds of clothing in your bedroom, or hundreds of tasks swirling around in your brain, this free one-hour class will show you four simple steps that will help you get rid of any pile of clutter--and keep it that way.

We’re April and Eric Perry, and we lived in piles of clutter for YEARS. We would move things around in circles, make long lists, work as hard as we could, and still go to bed at night feeling like we were WAY behind. 

Then we learned a system that changed everything, and our family experienced a major turnaround. The house stayed clean. Projects and tasks started getting done consistently. We had more time and energy for each other and for our children. And we were finally able to build a home office, start a business, and pursue the dreams that we thought were impossible.

Ten plus years and hundreds of thousands of students later, we’re here with this free class to show you exactly how to get started. It’s fun and engaging—and you can sign up here on this page at a time that works for you.

You'll know this is the right place for you if these kinds of thoughts occasionally (or regularly) flow through your mind:

  • This is all too much.
  • I will never get everything done.
  • I don't have time for fun.
  • My mind can never relax.
  • I am always living in a mess.

We know how that kind of life feels, and we believe you deserve to get out of that overwhelm--and into a life where your lists feel manageable, you have the bandwidth to replenish, and your home and office rejuvenate you.

Here are a few quotes from our community so you can feel their enthusiasm!

"My life is forever changed for the better. This free webinar is definitely worth the time if you are someone looking to get more organized in your mind and in your life."

- Deise

"Thank you so much! This has really changed so many things about the flow of my life. First of all, I feel much more relaxed inside my head. I am much more sure of where things are, what my priorities are, and how to get things done in an efficient way. I feel like a missing piece has been found to being organized."

- Julia

"I decided to write this little note because I just opened up my day planner and for the first time my brain felt at peace, I don't know any other way to describe it but now that I am streamlining everything it just feels so much better."

- Joanne

"This is a gift! I live a life I love but have never conquered clutter. I have looked within and without for answers, but until I saw this today, I had about given up hope. Thank you for giving HOPE that will enable me to heal and go forward to help others."

- Cheryl

We would LOVE for you to sign up and participate in this free training. You're going to learn the following:

  • How to narrow your list and let your mind BREATHE, so even if you literally have 100 things to do, you can easily find your focus. 
  • The REAL reason you procrastinate and how you can quickly change that habit (even if you're convinced you're a "professional procrastinator").
  • A new way to organize your to-do list so it actually gets COMPLETED by the end of each day instead of just getting longer. 
  • The step-by-step process to getting things done in the midst of a busy life, so you can make awesome progress on your home, work, and tasks while having way more energy for your family.

We’re guessing you’re tired of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. And we’re pretty sure you’d LOVE a system that you could build once—and then have it serve you for the rest of your life. You have goals you want to achieve, a home and family you’d love to ENJOY, and you’d probably appreciate having just a little more space in each day to read, relax, and know that everything is under control.

We've got you. 😊

Sign up here, and we'll see you in the class!