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Do you have teenagers/students (ages 12-24) who may struggle to keep track of papers and assignments, plan projects, organize school supplies, and feel less-stressed? This simple student-to-student program is the perfect solution!

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Check out these awesome students and their spaces after going through the program!

What's inside the program? Learn more below!

Organizing Schoolwork

Your student will learn how to:

  • use a planner to keep track of assignments
  • plan out projects with multiple steps
  • create and stick to a homework schedule

Alia's Planner Before STEP

Alia's Planner After STEP

Organizing Projects

Your student will learn how to use a:

  • Current Projects List
  • Next Actions List
  • Project Break-Down Worksheet

This program has lots of fun printables!

Your student will get a chance to create their own Next Actions.

Organizing Papers

Your student will never lose an important paper again after learning how to use an inbox, monthly folders, and memory boxes.  

We will also cover how to save important documents electronically for future use.

Your student only needs 3 file folders to be more successful and organized!

Organizing Digital Stuff

In this digital age, it is more important than ever for your student to know how to organize their emails and online storage (like Google Drive) and use apps like Evernote and Asana. STEP for Students covers all of these areas!

Is there a refund policy? YES, there is...

100% RISK-FREE: If you aren't sure this program is the right fit for you and your students, please give it a try for two months without any risk! You can access all parts of this program during the 60-day window and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Why should I join now?

We want your student to have the most successful school year ever! Everything has been organized to give your student tangible, quick takeaways, and they will have a lot of fun in the process! :)  

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