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Steps to Everyday Productivity (STEP) is changing lives, and we want it to change your life. Whether you're thinking about joining--and checking this page to see if STEP is legit--or you're already a member, and you'd like a boost of inspiration from your peers, we hope this page of photos and stories will help you to see that YOU can truly be organized.

We believe everyone deserves a calm mind and a clear space, and we're here to support you along the way!

"I am committed!

It’s amazing what one can accomplish with the STEP program. My life is changing every second of the day and I am so grateful to all of y’all who post in the group. Y’all have inspired me so much I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate you! Check out the sunrise this morning at our local beach on the Jersey Shore. No more sleeping in for this girl 😊 time is a ticking and I’m not gonna waste another second!

It feels amazing to have time and energy for important things."

These powerful before and afters represent not only the change our community members have in their home, but also in their MIND.

"My dear mother was so determined to implement her "let children be children" philosophy that she unintentionally sabotaged my growing up. Add to that living in South Africa where every house had a domestic worker, and you end up with a grown-up child who knows nothing of household management at any level - cleaning routines, budgeting, filing important documents, how to use a diary. I'm not going to go on. Anyway, take that ignorant person and make her 49, add a husband who is in his 70s and has just had a heart attack, a mother who is closing on 80, a child who is heading for 30 and failing to launch in either personal or professional respects, and throw in sole-breadwinner status and a huge dose of panic for good measure. STEP took me from sheer terror to being calm in my head and feeling 'I've got this. Nothing is going to come out of the bushes and maul me.'

I needed someone to show me how to live a good life. STEP did that for me,
and I haven't even finished the programme yet."

“This past year we adopted 3 special-needs kids and had a baby. In one year we went from 8 to 12 kids and moved. Needless to say, my mind, my house, and my paperwork got somewhat out of control! Your program has been a Godsend! I am just in the process of getting things set up, but I am feeling so much more positive and happy. Everyone in my home has seemed to catch the fire and spirit of this program and we are moving ourselves forward much, much faster than we really 'should' be able to. It seems to me that this program is not just about organization-but also strikes at the root of anger management, depression, anxiety and other major issues.... Thank you!" 


“If I can change, anyone can change. Honestly, I've NEVER been organized... I've always lived in piles, since I was a kid. Piles in my room, in the car, all over the house... it was chaos, and I was kind of fine with it. I tried to keep my room clean, but it never lasted more than a few days.... When I got married and had kids, all the stuff multiplied. I still did the best I could but there were still piles everywhere, and it drove my 'everything has a place' husband NUTS. He kept telling me "You need a routine... put things back when you're done..." but I just didn't know how! Something would always lead to doing something else, and nothing would get done. Enter LDB... 10 minutes is doable.... By the time I got through Module 2, I was hooked and pushed my way through Module 7 in two weeks. Looking at 8 modules as a whole was hard, but taking that next step is what's important. Take that 10 minutes, then find another 10 minutes. It's kind of like as you take those 10 minute steps, your faith grows, and as your faith (in the program and yourself) grows, there's HOPE! It's still not perfect, but I have hope.... I'm telling all my friends who I know are overwhelmed all about it."

-Jenna G.

"I am a business owner, a doctoral student, mother of 4 boys, wife, and speaker. I joined STEP because I was tired of my chaotic clutter, wish list scheduling, and organizing that kept me stressed and overwhelmed. I have been a member for less than a week and my life has already changed dramatically. After viewing a webinar with April and Eric I went to implement immediately. Now I spend quality time doing things that matter to me most without panic. I haven't rushed through homework or been stressed like when I used to look at my former wish list. I look at my most important actions list now. I know that I'm just starting and have a long way to go. Thank you April and Eric!"

- Cassandra Freeman

Joy Baldoz' Story

"You have saved my life and my husband's business.... I have been working on getting everything out of my brain and on paper. The last two nights, I have had some of the best sleep of my life. I am a worrier, but I no longer feel that stress. I feel confident in this system, and now my brain has finally been able to rest after years of craziness. My husband runs his own business, and organization has been a challenge for him as well. I have been sharing the system with him, and he is just as thrilled with the prospect i has to de-stress his work life. It is so exciting to make this system my own--to be able to tweak it ever so slightly to fit my personal demands. I think that is part of what I love so very much about it! You are my new organizational hero!! Thank you!!"

— Clare Kupcho

"What Eric and April taught me gave me peace of mind at the end of every day (something I've been striving for for a long time).

Thanks, guys, for putting this together!"

- Rick Mulready, Business Owner, Online Business Leader

Can you feel the excitement?

We hope you can see that STEP is that "missing piece" when it comes to getting out of overwhelm for good. When you have a trusted system that organizes your mind, your space naturally follows. Tens of thousands of people are already getting results, and if you currently feel like you're treading water and barely staying afloat, your STEP Command Central is going to solve that. Think of it like the life raft you didn't know existed....

Yes, I'm ready to organize my mind! 

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“Thank you so much for putting time and effort into developing this program. I cannot believe how much more peaceful and calm I feel! I just had a busy weekend with overnight guests and my youngest's dedication celebration... And yet both my husband and my sister commented how they were surprised to see me so calm and focused and still enjoying myself despite the big workload while everything was running smoothly. I know it's down to finally having a workable system without the nooks and crannies where stuff gets lost along the way (or doesn't fit into any of the categories that I had come up with!) So I'm sending a big, BIG THANK YOU all the way from Germany."

-Heidi Rabbach

Francine's Story

"Little did we know when we first started listening to #STEP planning over a year ago, that Cliff and I would put it to the ultimate test to help us pull off an outdoor wedding with 350 guests for our youngest daughter with a full meal served afterwards (not catered per daughter's request) on our personal home's property (builti n 1886). Cliff and I (not counting our daughter's list) had 12 plus pages of #WeddingToDoList with action steps which included scraping to bare wood the west side of our home, re-staining 30 ft deck, plus revitalizing the north hillside garden where the bride would walk down to meet her groom. The morning of the wedding I was calmer than I should be because my list was manageable. I printed off the last few tasks for friends to help me do and I went and got dressed! (That's a little oversimplified, but you get the picture!) Thanks April and Eric for sharing #STEP!!! Wish I would have had Eric's #ProjectPlanningTemplate a few months earlier!!!"


"This is my most exciting project that I have been working on for ten years, nearly completed! These are my grandfather's World War II letters and journals. My mom gave them to me upon my request so that I could type them up and make them readable. Over the years, I never focused and got them done because I didn't know how to prioritize. If it weren't for STEP, I don't think I ever would have gotten to where I am. This Christmas I am printing them up and giving them to my mother in a nice spiral bound document... Thank you to April for this wonderful program!"

-Noel Keen

"Okay, I DID it! I got my email to ZERO! It took me three starts since I first joined LDB, but I DID it. Got through 33k unread emails and archived old ones. I feel like “the Mayor of Email Town”! Progress, not perfection, right? Here’s to moving forward!"

-Lisa Gaines

“I am so happy to say that I was able to get my email inbox to ZERO!!  I can totally see how this is going to be so much more efficient and will save me a lot of hassle sorting through emails in the future.  I love feeling on top of my emails!!  It is a beautiful sight to see an empty inbox!!"  


"STEP has caused me to dodge another financial bullet. I received an email today that said I had a computer backup subscription that was due to renew for $193.56!! ... I discontinued this service sometime in the past but they never got the memo...so they claim. Anyway, if I hadn't been keeping up with my emails, this one too would have slipped through the cracks and I'd be out almost $200. So far, I've caught over $365 worth of leakage because I'm keeping my inboxes clean! That just about pays for the program!! Disorganization COSTS!"

-Shelley P.

"When the rewards of the STEP program are big time...as I started clearing my spare bedroom/office/craft room I found two birthday cards with cash and several gift cards. This $$ will be going with me on my trip to Disney in a couple weeks and the gift cards will be put in an organizer on my car visor and used!!"

-Kathy M.

"I am busy and active enough, but have lately felt an overwhelming amount of things in my brain and in my day. I find myself running crazy every day without actually feeling accomplished.... I feel a huge amount of relief in just anticipating all the organization that is to come. Even just the mind sweeping step and brain decluttering was so therapeutic. As I read, I realized how much I really do think about and how much I really take on. This helped me see how valuable it is for me to store some away safely while taking advantage of the time that I have NOW with my family. After I put my life and family's life in order, I will tackle the apartment managing chaos and implement this system here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

— Danielle

"We are finishing up the STEP program together and it’s GOING GREAT!! First time in my life of truly getting ‘fully’ organized and having my hubby on board. Processing the journey together is so awesome–truly eye-opening. It’s been a joy to watch it all evolve and see God’s hand in all of it as well!"

Lisa and Pete

"I am in a totally different place now than I have been in my life–EVER! So much more peaceful, so much more organized. Just as you promised, I was finally able to start doing the habits and routines I had come up with again and again, but just never had the system to support:

My bed gets made every day.
I do a load of laundry and dishes every day.
My husband has a peaceful, organized office to work from home in because it’s no longer the junk and clutter stockpile it once was.
I have decluttered and organized our home one area at a time.
I have taken a parenting course I’d been wanted to do and have seen amazing results as a mom.
I was able to be a faithful and consistent homeschool mom.

And it's all thanks to that one little webinar and its cascade of effects in my life this past year. So with heartfelt sincerity and utmost enthusiasm, thank you!"


"The STEP Program is giving me the tools for which I have been looking to bring peace into my heart and home. In the few weeks that I have been intentionally implementing these principles, I have been more present with my husband and daughters, more clear-minded in my decision making, and more effective in accomplishing my tasks and goals."

Jenni M.

"OMG!!! I'm in Module 6 I am feeling like a freaking productivity ROCKSTAR!!!! Granted I just started the module, but this is clearly where the magic happens!!! I'm still making tweaks and adding to my system (just added homeschool folders for each subject and it has helped tremendously) but I am soooooo glad that I made this investment because I finally feel like I'm getting organized (and I'm not constantly thinking about what I'm forgetting)."


Aisling's Story

"The STEP program has changed our lives in so many ways and only for the better. It’s been great to see how both our strengths are brought together to help us better communicate, work as a team, and ultimately accomplish our individual and family goals."

Scott and Abigail

"I have been a member for less than a week and my life has already changed dramatically.... I haven't rushed through homework or been stressed like when I used to look at my former wish list. I look at my most important actions list now. Because of STEP when my son forgot to get his soccer socks ready for tryouts, instead of me feeling the pressure of adding one more thing to my "wish list" I said no problem. He looked happy, surprised, and relieved because usually I am 'too busy but do it anyway' but today we both hugged with NO pressure and it was great.... I know that I'm just starting and have a long way to go. But I just wanted everyone to know I'm new and I am thankful."


"Saying you changed my life sounds overdramatic doesn't it... But you did. I have been married for 15 years and my husband and I love each other very much. But I am a hoarder. Have been as long as I can remember. It has been a strain on our marriage even though I knew I needed to do something.... Nothing helped me, not therapy or more money or more family support. I had given up on my husband ever being able to invite his family over without being embarrassed... I don't know exactly why your STEP Program helped me change the way I see things. The biggest change has been my relationship with my husband. As I am overcoming my "hoarding tendencies" I feel more equal, like I'm finally becoming more of a helper and partner, instead of a hindrance or embarrassment. There is less stress in the house, and I feel closer to my husband and son... In a thousand small ways you will never know, you made me a better person, and it all started when you told me my first homework assignment was to clear off a space. I felt I could trust you, so I did."

Lori N.

"This system has been life changing for me! I was so ready for something like this. I signed up, jumped right in and everything from paperwork, to my kitchen, to my garage have all "magically" become more organized. I have been pile free for 3 weeks now. Hey, it's a start!"

Eleni T.

"I am working to my plan and blissfully happy with an empty Inbox. My accountant asked me the other day 'What happened to the old Helen?' since my tax information was prepared and sent to him months before it is typically done! People are noticing and I am getting things done. Thanks for the follow up.. I am good - No, scratch that - I am great!"


Ready for your turn?

The fact of the matter is that the STEP method works. It's simple, it's built with bite-sized assignments, it's literally been tested by tens of thousands of people, and you will be supported the entire way by the incredible LearnDoBecome community (your new friends!). Your success story belongs on this page. But more than that, it's time for you to stop drowning in piles and feel that excitement, relief, and confidence you've been craving. Can't wait to see you inside STEP!

Okay friends, I'm ready!

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