Free Training: 

How to Finally Stop Drowning in Piles of Paper, Clutter, Emails, and To-Do Lists

This training isn't a distraction. It's an investment. We'll teach you four simple steps to get you out of overwhelm right away (as in, by the time you finish watching or reading). If you're currently drowning, THIS is your lifeline.

And if you're wondering what "exactly" you're going to learn, here you go....

  • How to narrow your list and let your mind BREATHE, so even if you literally have 100 things to do, you can easily find your focus. 
  • The REAL reason you procrastinate and how you can quickly change that habit (even if you're convinced you're a "professional procrastinator").
  • A new way to organize your to-do list so it actually gets COMPLETED by the end of each day instead of just getting longer. 
  • The step-by-step process to getting things done in the midst of a busy life, so you can make awesome progress on your home, work, and tasks while having way more energy for your family.

You're going to clearly see the path out of all the "stuff" weighing you down. Seriously.

We know it sounds like a big promise to say that a free training will change your life. But it has already done so for thousands of others, and we want you to be next!

Who Are We?

Hi! We're April and Eric Perry, founders of, and we used to feel totally overwhelmed by the "piles" in our lives.  

Our home office was filled with boxes and papers (nowhere to actually work!), our email inboxes had thousands of messages, and life with our four children was way more chaotic than we wanted.  

There were meltdowns and tantrums happening way too often (and not just from the kids!).  

But as we read books from world-renowned productivity experts, came up with creative solutions for our family, and put the best ideas to the test, we not only figured out how to create a totally calm, pile-free environment for our family, but we learned how to teach the process to others in a simple, replicable way.  

Now we want to show YOU the path to get out of the "drowning."  

It's totally possible. It's going to change your life. And we promise to make it fun! (Looking forward to seeing you on the class!)

Are you ready to learn the exact path to get out of the clutter and finally have space to breathe?