What's included in the Student Programs Package

You'll receive lifetime access to the STEP (Steps to Everyday Productivity) for Students and Organized for College programs. Read on to learn about the specialized training modules for parents and students ages 10-20:

This powerful program contains all the tools necessary for establishing a strong organizational foundation. STEP for Students features video lessons, photos, printables, and easy instructions--all created when I was a high school student. This resource is a parent-geared training manual that will show you exactly how to teach your students the following:

  • The Get-It-Done Homework Guide: Do you find that your student doesn't know (or doesn't care) what they should be working on each day--which is ultimately hurting their grades? I'll show you how to help your student set up simple tools so the assignments feel totally doable.
  • The Easy-to-Clean-Your-Bedroom Plan: Are there piles and piles of "things" in your student's bedroom--making it hard to find what they need and driving YOU crazy? I'll help your student create a simple map and walk them through the clean-up (student-to-student) with fun videos that make the process seamless.
  • The "Breakdown Guide" to Projects & Goals: Are you secretly hoping your student will set and achieve meaningful goals this year...but you're not sure if they feel confident moving forward independently? I'll show you how to mentor them with a tutorial on creating bite-sized steps that work even with the busiest schedule.
  • The Low-Tech Guide to Digital Files & Email Management: Are you finding that your student's school work is WAY more digitized than yours ever was? I'll teach you how to work by their side to set up a foundation that will serve them well throughout all their time in school.

This program features additional resources that highlight important areas in which a college student might want to be more prepared and organized. I created this because, as I moved past high school, I found that my peers were looking for quick, visual solutions to their major pain points.

Organized for College builds upon the core skills that are taught in the STEP for Students program.

The entire program consists of high-quality, fun videos (between 5 to 15 minutes in length) that fall into these categories:

  • Organizing a College Dorm/Apartment
  • Planning an Entire College Semester with Digital Tools
  • Completing Multi-Step Projects
  • Following Up and Setting Calendar Reminders
  • Setting Up Digital Folders

And while your college student can definitely go through this program independently, you will most likely enjoy the videos, as well, and you can be a great support!

What if I'm not ready to join the program yet?

Alia and April recorded an Empowering Students Training with 4 best practices and tips for teaching students about organization. Click the button below to receive the full recording via email:

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Alia's Story

Hi! I'm Alia, and as college graduate, I understand how important it is to be organized and on top of assignments. However, my journey through elementary and middle school was often filled with stress and overwhelm because I didn't quite have a system set up and I started procrastinating.

My 5th grade science fair project was a huge turning point in my life. It was the first project that my mom TAUGHT me to break down into smaller pieces, and this changed the trajectory for the rest of my years in school.

Once I was taught simple principles about breaking down projects, using a planner, and decluttering everything from my room to my backpack, my life was changed! I created these programs so that every parent would have the resources to support their students.

What would have felt overwhelming in the past (like organizing my college apartment--below) simply turned into a project that I could break down and successfully accomplish. I couldn't believe my apartment transformation that took place in just 1 day after moving in!

Now, as a college graduate, I feel like I have all of the tools I need to be a successful, dependable, independent, and confident adult.

From my 5th grade science fair project to my senior research paper in college, I have grown immensely, and I know exactly how to manage the projects, tasks, and routines in my life.

As a parent, you want the very best for your student, and by going through these programs, you can learn about the tools and resources that will be most helpful for them.

Of course, every student will approach organization in their own unique way, but just knowing that there is an easier, less stressful way to approach school and "adulting" is so powerful. I'm excited for you as you begin this journey with your own student, and I hope to be a support along the way!